3 ways a bug bounty program enables agile transformation

Make Security a Driver of Business Agility with Bug Bounty Programs.

Agility is critical to respond to changing circumstances and consumer behaviour. For instance, the Covid-19 pandemic has overnight changed the way we work, learn and live. Most of the workforce worldwide continue to work remotely, broadening the attack surface and making security at scale a critical concern.

A transformative cybersecurity approach is disrupting pentesting, just as Tesla, Uber, and others have disrupted their respective markets. It’s called bug bounty

In this eBook, we will discuss how organisations can enhance security processes in today’s dynamic, digital world and the role of bug bounty programs to improve agility within the organisation.

Download this exclusive guide to understand how bug bounty programs can help you to:

  • Add flexibility and customisation to suit your unique business and security needs
  • Benefit from increased collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Automate the security process with rich and deep integrations