5 reasons why bug bounty improves the return on security investments

Understand the many benefits of bug bounty to ensure maximum return on security investments.

A secure digital environment is now foundational to organisations’ growth and in preparation for another crisis that may arise. In response, business leaders require Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to take a more substantial and strategic leadership role to protect the organisation and help business units drive innovation. 

When security budgets are challenged, CISOs need to show business value through initiatives designed to enhance efficiency, boost productivity, improve engagement with business partners and customers, and increase business agility. This is an opportunity to think out of the box to meet these requirements. 

Deliver unparalleled vulnerability management at a lower cost. Download this exclusive guide to understand how bug bounty programs can help you to:

  • Stretch your security budget further
  • Build transparency and improve accountability
  • Reduce overhead costs and resources 
  • Increase profits by driving agility and improving time to market
  • Give your business a reality check with public bug bounty programs

By 2023, 30% of chief information security officers’ effectiveness will be directly measured on the role’s ability to create value for the business.
Source: Gartner

Get more returns out of security investments with bug bounty programs.