Cybersecurity & Bug Bounty: Attack is the best form of defence

Best Practices

By Guillaume Vassault-Houlière | CEO of YesWeHack

Through our European platform, Bug Bounty is gaining respectability in France and Europe.

Bug Bounty is an innovative and operational practice from the United States that rewards security experts who find security flaws in IT systems.

Within a complex geopolitical context, Europe and France can compete in defending a European model of digital sovereignty.

In the light of new threats and given reports of organizations that are victims of piracy and irreversible damage, some innovative cyber security policies and approaches need to be adopted.

Cybersecurity is a powerful ally for leading digital transformation.

Like the United States, France and Europe must capitalize on the IT security talents of the European zone for those are the talents who will consolidate the digital fortresses of tomorrow.

Today, thanks to, the first European Bug Bounty platform developed by YesWeHack, organizations have an additional tool in their defensive arsenal. Based on a community of more than 4,000 IT security researchers, organizations can significantly increase the security degree of their information systems.

Commonly, organizations are used to planning audits or penetration tests led by a limited number of IT experts during a restricted time window. Although this kind of audit is recommended, it is far from sufficient for protecting information assets.

Keep in mind that cyber criminals do not ask for clearance to damage one targeted infrastructure.

Through a Bug Bounty program, an organization can thus simulate the real conditions of an attack while imposing IT researchers a legal framework. is the appropriate tool to harden information systems and build a relationship of trust between organizations and the IT security experts., with the striking force of our community, allows any type of organization to test a web site, a mobile application, web services, connected things or embedded systems in order to reduce risks and increase data protection.

As soon as a vulnerability is discovered, the expert reports in details to the initiator of the program. Once the reported vulnerability has been confirmed and validated, the organization can fix the issue and can ideally reward the expert.

In the framework of a Bug Bounty program, the organization only pays for the result and the more critical the flaw, the higher the reward. provides its clients with total control over the entire process: control over the scope, rules, budget, accreditation of experts and, of course, the program can be stopped at any time.

Bug Bounty programs constructively increase developers’ skills.

Furthermore, thanks to Bug Bounty Practice, one organization can communicate positively on its capacity to keep the best level of security, as demonstrated by the US Army and Pentagon in 2016. assists you in the creation of totally private or public Bug Bounty programs. We count among our clients, which we can mention, companies such as BlaBlaCar, Orange, OVH, Qwant or ERCOM.