80% of Cyber Attacks could have been Prevented

2023 Bug Bounty Workshop
80% of Cyber Attacks could have been prevented 🛡️

Most cyber-attacks are preventable. Known vulnerabilities and trivial misconfigurations are intolerable attack opportunities. Our industry’s inability to address these simple security issues at scale paved the way to the massively vulnerable digital reality we live in.

Join us on 9 February 2023, 8:30am SGT, for the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore event “80% of Cyber Attacks could have been Prevented”.

Eileen Neo, APAC Team Manager of YesWeHack, will be partnering with Hackuity and VONA Consulting to discuss how Vulnerability Management is designed and practiced, how to detect and remediate vulnerabilities at scale, and how to avoid preventable breaches.

In this session, you will learn more about:

  • Some of the common challenges facing enterprises to get cyber hygiene right, and especially vulnerability management
  • Learn some key concepts and differences behind some of those names: pentesting, scan, bug bounty, VDP, RBVM, orchestrator and aggregator, EASM, CAASM, CTEM, etc.
  • The different steps of maturity of a good, better, best vulnerability management process
  • Some practical next steps and solutions to automate your process, significantly reduce the number of critical vulnerabilities, give context to your huge backlog of vulnerabilities, remediate at scale, remove the tedious manual work of your strained analyst’s team, …
  • Additional use cases from organizations’ audits and maturity journey
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Who are we?

Founded in 2015, YesWeHack is a global Bug Bounty and VDP Platform. YesWeHack offers companies an innovative approach to cybersecurity with Bug Bounty (pay-per-vulnerability discovered), connecting tens of thousands cybersecurity experts (ethical hackers) across 170 countries with organisations to secure their exposed scopes and reporting vulnerabilities in their websites, mobile apps, infrastructure and connected devices.

YesWeHack runs private (invitation based only) programs and public programs for hundreds of organisations worldwide in compliance with the strictest European regulations.

In addition to the Bug Bounty platform, YesWeHack also offers: a creation and management solution for Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP), a Pentest Management Platform, a learning platform for ethical hackers called Dojo and a training platform for educational institutions, YesWeHackEDU.

Contact us

Date(s): 09/02/2023 | 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Location(s): French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore | 541 Orchard Rd, #09-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881 | Singapore | Singapore