2020 CTF

The CTF ESAIP HACK CHALLENGE is a hack competition open to all students with a passion for computer security. The 3rd edition will take place online on Saturday 27th June 2020.

There were 50 students for the first edition in 2018, they will be 80 students from 8 schools and universities to compete in teams of 4. The prize-giving ceremony will be broadcast live on Facebook at 9pm on Saturday 27.

YesWeHack, through its educational platform YesWeHack Edu sponsors this event as part of its efforts to creates a training ecosystem for best practices in cybersecurity, meeting the growing need for talent in this sector.

Launched in 2019, YesWeHack EDU is the world’s first Bug Bounty education platform dedicated to cybersecurity training. Taking advantage of recognized expertise in Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD), as well as a unique ecosystem of customers and researchers, YesWeHack EDU trains its users to detect security vulnerabilities in realistic scenarios, in identical contexts to what exists today in production within companies and organizations.

YesWeHack rely on its partner IT-Gnosis to provide YesWeHack EDU to schools and universities globally.

Good luck to all participants!

Date(s): 27/06/2020 | 9:00 am - 9:00 pm