“Embracing the Hackers” : Join YesWeHack at Swiss Cyber Storm 2019

Bug Bounty conferences

For this new edition, Swiss Cyber Storm will run under the motto “Embracing the Hackers”. 

You can read more about the overall theme and the challenges of Bug Bounty in Switzerland here. The event will happen on October 15, 2019 in Bern.

As the #1 European Bug Bounty Platform, with offices in Lausanne, YesWeHack is naturally supporting the event. 

@BitK_, our Technical Ambassador will run a session at 11:35am, don’t miss it :

From Bug Bounty to Big Bounty 

“With the rise of popularity of bug bounty within companies, more and more people are trying to make a living doing ethical hacking. But while low hanging bugs are still easy to find, making big bounty can be difficult.The goal of this talk is to give advice to hunter on how to transform low impacts bugs into more valuable ones. We will use CTF techniques for pivoting, applied to real world applications.”

We will also be exhibiting at the event, get in touch with Rodolphe Harand or Emilie Foubert Laudouar to book a meeting during the event.

See you there !


Date(s): 15/10/2019 | All Day

Location(s): Kursaal Berne | Kornhausstrasse 3 | Berne | Switzerland