IDC Security – Finland

2021 Bug Bounty conferences
✅ What to expect

The International Data Corporation (IDC) organises IDC Security, a roadshow for multiple countries at the end of September. The Finnish edition will take place on Sept 21 and last for 3 hours. The digital forum will gather security experts of the Nordics around the following topic: “From Secure to Trusted: A Journey to Digital Leadership”.

As a major player on the European cybersecurity ecosystem, YesWeHack is glad to take part in this event!

You’ll be able to talk about crowdsourced security on our virtual booth with:


Moreover, Mats Ögren will give a 10-min presentation on Sept 21, 10:45am EEST, followed by a Q&A session, on:

How Bug Bounty and Ethical Hackers keeps us safe

Organizations are facing a surge in cyberattacks and a widening attack surface, while struggling with cybersecurity skills shortages. To fight more with less, they are enlisting the help of Ethical Hackers, and incorporating them into their long-term cybersecurity plans. How, and why does this arrangement work?

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About us 💬

YesWeHack is the #1 European Bug Bounty and VDP Platform. Founded in 2015, we offer an innovative approach to cybersecurity with Bug Bounty (pay-per-vulnerability discovered). We connect organizations with tens of thousands ethical hackers from 170 countries to secure their exposed scopes. YesWeHack runs private and public programs in compliance with the strictest European regulations.

In addition to the Bug Bounty platform, YesWeHack also offers support in creating a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP), a learning platform for ethical hackers called Dojo and a training platform for educational institutions, YesWeHackEDU.

Date(s): 21/09/2021 | 8:30 am - 12:00 pm