Infosec WriteUps’ Conference 2022

2022 Bug Bounty conferences
What to expect 🎯

Do you want to network with the world’s best infosec professionals? Attend Infosec WriteUps’ Conference on Feb 26-27, 2022, a virtual conference and networking event organised by Infosec Write-Ups!

At IWCon, you’ll learn not just technical, but the human angle of being in Infosec. Speakers from around the world will share the behind-the-scenes of their journey so you can add new skills and mindset shifts to your arsenal. A great opportunity to learn from experts and to interact with the cybersecurity community.

YesWeHack is really proud to support this conference, as we do think that #SharingisCaring!

If you’d like to attend IWCon, you can register here.

Date(s): 26/02/2022 - 27/02/2022 | All Day