InOut 2019 – Cybersecurity: a major challenge for developing new services

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Next 28th of March, in the framework of InOut 2019,  Guillaume Vassault-Houlière CEO of YesWeHack will be part of the workshop entitled Cybersecurity: a major challenge for developing new services.

16h15 – 17h45 Room 2 (-1)

During this workshop the panel will discuss the strategy to be implemented in response to these attacks and the best way to reestablish and secure long-term cyber & digital trust.

The panelists will cover the impact of new technologies such as AI within cybersecurity and the concept of security by design.

By exploring cybersecurity and hacking in new modes of mobility, the panelists will highlight risks and good practices in terms of cybersecurity but will also provide proposals for reflection and approaches to better implement cybersecurity into mobility.

The workshop will start with a live hacking session on tomorrow’s mobility theme by a team of “hackers for good” from the NGO ICON based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Date(s): 28/03/2019 | 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm

Location(s): Couvent des Jacobins | 6 Rue d'Échange, Place Sainte-Anne | Rennes | France