Malt Academy Webinar

2020 Bug Bounty Webinar

Malt is an online platform whose purpose is to simplify the recruitment of freelancers for companies. Since March 2020, Malt is offering a peer-to-peer learning program for its community. Both freelancers and companies can benefit from the Malt Academy free webinars. Held in English, French, Spanish and German, the online masterclasses address various topics, ranging from marketing to technology.

As a community platform too, YesWeHack encourages knowledge sharing and is therefore delighted to feature a talk during the Malt Academy. #SharingIsCaring

Lucas Philippe, Tech Ambassador at YesWeHack, will talk about bug exploitation in a webinar entitled “From Bug Bounty to Big Bounty”.

He will introduce several examples of how to exploit bugs encountered in Bug Bounty. The idea is to show the impact that a so-called “low impact” bug can have. More specifically, he will focus on:

  • XSS and XSS self: how to exploit the features of our web browser
  • SSRF: how a simple http request can compromise a whole computer park
  • SSTI in Flask: how to exploit a template injection in a python environment


💡 If you’re interested in attending, you can register here!


A few words about us 👇

YesWeHack is the European Bug Bounty and VDP platform leader. We run more than 400 public and private programs as well as Vulnerability Disclosure Policies (VDP) for hundreds of organizations worldwide. To do so, we have a community of tens of thousands ethical hackers across 120 countries.

Date(s): 12/11/2020 | 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm