New Security Testing Challenges : Bug Bounty & IOT by Digital Security

Bug Bounty

In the framework of

Luxembourg Software Testing Event 2017 #LSTE2017

Digital Security experts namely C. Messeguer & P. Stiehl will address 2 topics: Bug Bounty & IOT.

First, they’ll explain how we are able to detect security vulnerabilities induced by the IoT and its new uses : presentation of the Digital Security Lab, methodology, material & report after security audit of 100 IoT solutions by Digital Security. Finally, they’ll also present what is a bug bounty : challenges , advantages , European rules and constraints , presentation of 

cedric Messeguer Digital Security

Cedric Messeguer
Managing Director
Digital Security, Econocom

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Date(s): 05/10/2017 | 6:50 pm - 7:20 pm

Location(s): Forum Da Vinci | 6, bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte | Luxembourg | Luxembourg