Rootcon Recovery Mode Edition


Bringing Top-Notch Research & Trainings in the Philippines.

If you are a penetration tester or if you are interested in Bug Bounty, this conference will please you and we highly recommend it! ROOTCON brings together a well diverse community of security experts, practitioners and business developers who are well respected in the community on an international scale. 

In the light of the current situation, ROOTCON had to switch to Recovery Mode, and will therefore be fully online! 

This year again, ROOTCON offers quality conferences with top experts.  Amongst all these inspiring presentations, here is our top 3 talks, which we believe you shouldn’t miss :

  • Discover vulnerabilities with CodeQL by Boik Su (@boik_su)
  • Payload delivery for initial access in Adversary Simulation exercise by: Bourbon Jean-Marie aka “kmkz”- @kmkz_security
  • ReconPal: Leveraging NLP for Infosec by: Nishant Sharma 

As a player in the Asian industry, YesWeHack, Global VDP & Bug Bounty platform is pleased to sponsor this special edition! If you want to get in touch with YesWeHack, drop us a line here.


Date(s): 09/10/2020 - 10/10/2020 | All Day