Unleash Your Hacking Skills at Nullcon Berlin 2023

2023 Bug Bounty
Meet us in Berlin! 🇩🇪

Nullcon has been running an annual security conference in Goa since 2010. For its second edition in Germany, Nullcon Berlin Conference & Training is back from March 6 to 10. The conference will bring in the elite security researchers to showcase their offensive and defensive security technology and share insights on “The Next Big Thing in Security”.

YesWeHack is once again delighted to support Nullcon Berlin and will be present for the conference on March 9-10!

Our team will be onsite if you want to have a chat about our Bug Bounty & VDP platform. Don’t miss them! We are sure you will even be able to grab some nice swags 😉

Live Bug Bounty 🚀

📣 Attention all hackers! Get ready for a wild and thrilling adventure at Nullcon 2023. We are hosting a 2-day Live Bug Bounty during the event, and you don’t want to miss it. This exclusive opportunity is only available to those attending Nullcon Berlin 2023, so make sure you are in the building.

The target company and scope will be revealed on-site, adding an extra layer of excitement to the challenge. Trust us, this exclusive scope is going to be a real treat for bug hunters out there. With juicy rewards and sweet swag on the line, it’s going to be two days of non-stop fun and pwn with the community 🤩

The partner’s security team will be on-site, giving you the chance to take your research to the next level through direct exchange. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your skills, network with like-minded individuals, and earn recognition, rewards, and swag 👀

Mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the challenge. The Live Bug Bounty will take place from March 9th, 9am to March 10th, 6pm. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to demonstrate your hacking prowess and have a blast with the community!

To take part, you must be registered for Nullcon Berlin 2023 and have an account on YesWeHack’s Bug Bounty platform. Via their registration, Live Bug Bounty Hunters at Nullcon Berlin 2023 will be subject to the terms of use of the YesWeHack Bug Bounty platform.

💡 How to participate?
  1. Register on yeswehack.com and complete the account verification steps.
  2. Log in on yeswehack.com from the Nullcon Wi-Fi.
  3. Head to https://yeswehack.com/programs and you’ll find the exclusive Nullcon Berlin program at the top of the page.
  4. Read the rules carefully and check the scopes.
  5. Get ready to hack!

Looking to connect with the YesWeHack team and other participants? Head to the Live Bug Bounty room at the venue. The YesWeHack team, along with the program managers from the partner company, will have a desk set up and will be easy to find. There is a lot of room there and power supplies, if you want to work in a (relatively) quiet environment or collaborate with other researchers, come grab a sit.

Good luck and have fun!

About YesWeHack

Founded in 2015, YesWeHack is a global Bug Bounty and VDP Platform. YesWeHack offers companies an innovative approach to cybersecurity with Bug Bounty (pay-per-vulnerability discovered), connecting tens of thousands cybersecurity experts (ethical hackers) across 170 countries with organisations to secure their exposed scopes and reporting vulnerabilities in their websites, mobile apps, infrastructure and connected devices.

YesWeHack runs private (invitation based only) programs and public programs for hundreds of organisations worldwide in compliance with the strictest European regulations.

In addition to the Bug Bounty platform, YesWeHack also offers: a creation and management solution for Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP), a Pentest Management Platform, a learning platform for ethical hackers called Dojo and a training platform for educational institutions, YesWeHackEDU.

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Date(s): 09/03/2023 - 10/03/2023 | All Day

Location(s): Novotel Berlin Am Tiergaten | Strasse des 17 Juni 106-108 | Berlin | Germany