Yes We Hack and its Partners, or how to get the best out of Bug Bounty ?

What does a YesWehack partner do ?

Every organization is concerned by cybersecurity and most of them can see that traditional solutions (penetration testing & scanners) are not sufficient anymore. As a result, whatever the size or industry, they are increasingly numerous to opt for Bug Bounty.

By 2022, crowdsourced security testing platform products and services will be employed by over 50% of enterprises, up from less than 5% in 2018.

Gartner 2018 Market Guide on Crowdtesting

Indeed, Bug Bounty is the only solution that can pretend to exhaustiveness, responsiveness and continuity in the tests. More importantly, Bug Bounty meets organizations growing need for agility >

For all that, any organization that wishes to set up/implement Bug Bounty programs is not ready to manage by itself yet; indeed the Bug Bounty process involves:
• The program‘s creation : determination of the scope, rules, researchers’ reward grid, etc.
• The program’s day-to-day management and interaction with the researchers
• Vulnerabilities and researchers’ test reports validation and management

Lacking time, resources, skills and process, some organizations can be intimidated by the implementation of a Bug Bounty Program in spite of unrivaled benefits they could get out of it.

This is where our partners step in.

Why Becoming of YesWeHack Partner?

YesWeHack partners fully take charge of the program’s management for our customers in need, under the title of “Program Managers”.

Their interests are numerous:
• They address a growing demand of their clients, often further to traditional audit projects
• They strengthen their relationships with their clients by supporting them along an ongoing, continuous security improvement process
• They develop skills of their own team who interacts every day with the finest cybersecurity experts
• They broaden their offering and differentiate from competitors by positioning themselves on THE cybersecurity market disruption of the coming years
• They put themselves at the forefront of massive trends such as agile development and DevSecOps

Therefore, every YesWeHack partner acts as enabler of its client and a key player of its digital transformation.

How to become a YesWeHack partner?

After ensuring the potential partner shows the required warranties in terms of trust, resource and skills, YesWeHack provides a complete training for its Program Managers to come.

YesWeHack provides on ongoing support to guide the Program Managers’ technical expertise improvement and help when necessary.

Every worldwide technology-based companies, willing to develop their cybersecurity stance and ready to invest in their team’s expertise skills are eligible for becoming a YesWeHack partner.

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