Shall We Play A Game ? Yes We Shall ⠵


Yes We Hack is proud to be platinium Sponsor for the 15th “la Nuit du Hack” next June 24 & 25 o/

The forthcoming Nuit Du Hack is about to gather more than 2000 people from all over Europe !

Check the schedule !

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A bit of History :

Originally, la Nuit du Hack was created by Paulo Pinto aKa CrashFR.

“La Nuit Du Hack” is one of the oldest French underground hackers’ event which bring together, professionals and amateurs of any skill level, around lectures and challenges.

At the very beginning of la Nuit du Hack in 2003, the budget was lower than 1 k€.

Started with 20 persons, the event never stopped growing up by gathering more and more people from amateurs to professionals.

Now, it has reached 170 k€ thanks to the HackerzVoice Team, Géraldine and almost 100 volunteers 🙂

Since the very beginning in 2003, YesWeHack founders have been working tightly with Hackerzvoice for organizing La Nuit du Hack.

In 2011, it saw several international renowned speakers and gripped more than 950 guests including more than 50 challengers. During this edition we had the privilege to host world-famous speakers.

In 2014, organized its first bug bounty in the framework of la NDH. At that time, a prototype of was used to manage bug bounty programmes.

At that period of time the founders of YesWeHack were part of the Jury 🙂 please appreciate the picture below !

For that 2014 and 2015 editions, the rewards were, let’s say, exotic : Real Bounty Chocolate Bars and actually reward checks were signed on stage by Guillaume Vassault-Houlière aka Free_Man (President of HackerzVoice & YesWeHack CEO).

Each year, a common pot is set up to pay the bounties and if there is any money left then it is donated to the association HackerzVoice.

2015 was the year of Skyrock, Denyall, Qwant underwent all together bug bounty programmes .

2016 was a landmark for YesWeHack for it was the first time la NDH Bug Bounty programmes were handled by an official version of !

On that occasion, fees were disabled especially for the event and the dedicated bug bounty programmes namely the ones of / / Orange / Protektoid were physically restricted to NDH attendees located in Disney’s scope and as usual managed by HackerzVoice . Meanwhile, the Jury was strengthened by recruiting a new member : Mr. Skunk !

2017 is a special edition of la NDH and as platinium sponsor, YesWeHack Team is willing to make things bigger for the sake of game and fun !

On the occasion of the 15th edition of la Nuit Du Hack, There will be about 10 bug bounty programmes restricted to ‘la Nuit du Hack’ attendees.

Only attendees inside DisneyLand will be allowed to play. Don’t forget to register on

Stay Tuned !

For duplicates, we planned everything if you wanna cry 😛

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YesWeHack also provides a dedicated HackDating Zone for recruiters to spot talents during la Nuit du Hack !

Recruiting entities are :

  • Ministère de la Défense (France)
  • Orange Cyberdefence
  • Synaktiv
  • Sysdream
  • Sogeti
  • Outscale
  • Digital Security
  • Vade Secure
  • OVH
  • Qwant
  • Airbus
  • DoctoLib

So, post your CV on !

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La Nuit du Hack is a unique event where curious people have fun, no matter their skills are !

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