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YesWeHack is launching a virtual reality game, YesWeHackVR, allowing players to get into the role of an ethical hacker of the YesWeHack platform.

Have you ever dreamed of being a hacker? We're sure you have! Well, you're in luck because we've created a game just for that experience!

🕹️In its ongoing effort to make more accessible the work of ethical hackers and make it understandable to the greatest number of people, YesWeHack is now going one step further by releasing its VR game! YesWeHackVR allows participants to experience all the steps that security researchers go through when working on a Bug Bounty program.

For whom and for what?

This game was created to make everyone understand what Bug Bounty is, and how the security researchers of our platform work, identify and analyse vulnerabilities! Whether you are a student, a security professional, or even someone outside of the security industry, YesWeHackVR will introduce you the Bug Bounty universe in a playful way!

From the scope discovery to the bounty!

Sitting in front of your virtual PC, you will discover the Bug Bounty program you have been invited to join! YaY, the hunt can start:

🕵️ Once you have understood the rules and identified the scope of the program, you will have to search, analyse, exercise your brain and logic to discover potential vulnerabilities within the perimeter.

🐛 Think you've discovered a vulnerability? Now find the right tool to exploit it!

✉️ Once you are sure you have found a qualifying vulnerability within the scope, you will have to write the report and rate the severity of the discovered bug! 💵 Will your vulnerability be eligible for a reward? Which hunter rank will you be? Hold on, you'll soon find out!

When are we playing?

The official launch of the game will take place during the FIC, the International Cybersecurity Forum, which will be held in Lille from 7 to 9 June! Drop by the YesWeHack booth F12, to try it out!

If you are not coming to the FIC but are planning a trip to Paris visit the Showroom on the 13th floor of the Campus Cyber, the new cradle of French cybersecurity, where YesWeHackVR is available all year long. Otherwise, you can simply get in touch with our team!

And because we absolutely want everyone to have access to it and have fun being an ethical hacker, we decided to publish our game on the Oculus Store, for free! You'll have to be a little patient. To receive a notification as soon as the game is available, sign up below 👇️.

We hope you will have fun playing an ethical hacker!

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