YesWeHack, #1 European Bug Bounty platform.

Yes We Hack :  Vulnerability Coordination through CrowdSourced Security

We have a small message for the hackers playing with us.

Hey, we just wanted to greet the talented hacker community using our plateform and reward them for their skill. Last week we’ve began unrolling a reward system, beginning with achievement posters. Some of you yet received them in a postal parcel, please bear with us while they travel around the…

GitGraber by HisXo & Reptou

gitGraber :
A tool to monitor GitHub in real-time to find sensitive data

As technology moves forward, so are the threats to the tools we use every day. GitHub is one such tool, enabling software developers to collaborate within and across organisations. One way of keeping tabs of GitHub is gitGraber which detects sensitive data available on the platform.


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Case Study: Groupe ADP’s Public Bug Bounty Program

What made you decide to launch the Bug Bounty program?  Daniel Diez Head of the Digital Factory Division, Groupe ADP Daniel Diez – Head of the Digital Factory Division, Groupe ADP : “The Group Security team took the lead on this project. I had no prior experience of Bug Bounty,…

Singapore Polytechnic partners with YesWeHack to hold its first-ever bug bounty event

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) successfully concluded its first ever bug-bounty event, held in partnership with YesWeHack, Europe’s leading bug bounty platform. The first-ever held by the institution, the workshop brought more than 30 second- and third-year students from the Diploma in Infocomm Security Management back to school from their vacation as…

Yes we hack workflow and points system

A quick update on our ranking point system.

We have recently been questioned on how our ranking point system works and how report quality is evaluated. Our system has evolved quite a lot since inception, and some new report quality rating features have been added. 1- Triaging The first step of a bug report life cycle is being…

YES, we have a changelog.

Hunters and Program Managers can now track our interfaces and backend evolutions. We’re working hard, under the hood, to offer you the best experience possible. From the first platform iteration, we’ve gone already a long way, paved with new features milestones. You can now track them all on an unified…

YesWeHack & Alibaba Security Meetup challenge solution

The goal of the challenge was to find an XSS vulnerability on a minimalist website. It was composed of 3 steps of increasing difficulty in the form of extra security layer. All the payload are tested with Chrome 75. difficulty Escape GET value X-XSS-Protection CSP easy NO 0 NO medium…

Alibaba Security Meetup

Catch the flag, catch the (real!) gold

Did you ever have the chance to win a pure gold medal ?THIS IS HAPPENING : Join us next week, on the 18th of June, at the Alibaba Security Meetup-hacker Community Event organized by Alibaba Security and Lazada in partnership with YesWeHack.  TO REGISTER Highlights of the evening Hacking game…

CTF YesWeHack Singapore

Let’s break stuff together Singapore : YesWeHack is coming up with a brand new CTF at Infosec in the City !

Infosec in the City Singapore is a premier techno-centric cybersecurity event, bringing together top cybersecurity leaders from both the East and the West to share deep-technical insights, and build the next-generation cybersecurity capabilities around the globe. Visit YesWeHack at booth 5N7-01 to learn how you can make cybersecurity an accelerator…

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