– Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure White Paper –

This white paper draws on the experience of Europe’s leading vulnerability disclosure management player, YesWeHack. Our ambition is to contribute to the development of less vulnerable and safer cyberspace, driven by Europe. This resolution is all the more critical as the risk of cyberattacks, linked to the exploitation of vulnerabilities, will inevitably increase with digital transformation.

The process of implementing a coordinated disclosure policy consolidates the technological autonomy of organisations and contributes to the strengthening of security in Europe. Any responsible and trustworthy organisation must thus focus on reducing digital risk by valuing the reports of ethical hackers. It is this new collaboration that will enable the emergence of collective cybersecurity responsibility.

What you will learn

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) and the various challenges and opportunities surrounding it have existed since the dawn of digital technology. Yet, their longevity does not always result in the adoption of best practices in this area. The purpose of this white paper is to:

  • Explain the stakes of the CVD process and clarify the benefits for organisations that put it in place;
  • Identify barriers to productive collaboration between ethical hackers and organisations;
  • Highlight the legal developments desired at national and European level;
  • Discern the different ways to implement a practical CVD approach.

Use this white paper to:

  • Learn best practices from CVD to sustainably reduce your exposure to digital risk;
  • Educate your colleagues about the need to mobilise collective cybersecurity intelligence;
  • Understand the future evolution of security practices.


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