Looking for strategic, legal, policy and hands-on resources to do vulnerability disclosure the right way? You are on the right page!

This White Paper focuses on the benefits and the key recommendations for the implementation of a vulnerability disclosure policy (VDP) within each organisation. Creating vulnerability-free digital products and services is no small challenge. It is thus crucial to identify and correct vulnerabilities as fast as possible to prevent their mobilisation by malicious actors. YesWeHack, a global vulnerability management leader, works to encourage the broad adoption of VDPs, thus facilitating the emergence of collective cybersecurity responsibility.

This white paper draws on the experience of Europe’s leading vulnerability disclosure management player, YesWeHack. Our ambition is to contribute to the development of less vulnerable and safer cyberspace, driven by Europe. This resolution is all the more critical as the risk of cyberattacks, linked to the exploitation of vulnerabilities, will inevitably increase with digital transformation.